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What a game!

Last night was our first game will a full roster, going undefeated 7-0-0 in the process. The other team was having a nice 3 win streak on their own since the trading period (the league manages makes trades attempting to balance teams). They put us down 3-0 at the end of the first, completely overwhelmed by their forecheck pressure and flat 3 counter attacks between our lines. At intermission we focus the huddle on intensity, forecheck pressure and line gap. We force them into turnovers and finally start getting our groove back, being used to play with 12 players the 3 additional players required on the fly adjustments. I manage to score a goal for the second game in a row ( I’m keeping that #10 now) thanks to a good screen by my center, completely masking the goalie’s view of my one timer, straight in the 5 hole! From that point on the momentum started shifting, they could not enter our zone. We scored another two in the second period, an off balance rebound ending a good passing sequence and a wonderful individual effort from the GF, shifting the center and splitting the defenders before beating the goalie glove side. We knew at the end of the second the game was ours for the taking, so we kept the pedal on the metal in the third, scoring after just 13 seconds. We manage to keep the score the whole period, never letting go of the pressure as they started fading. The ending of the game was quite the stressfull one a 6 vs 5, but we emerged victorious, still undefeated!